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Holistic Massage Therapy in Chattanooga, TN

Since 1999, Bridge to Health has been a premier source for Chattanooga Holistic Massage Therapy Services. Our team consists of highly experienced and Certified Bodywork Specialists, Licensed Massage Therapists, and Alternative Health Practitioners who are dedicated to helping our clients achieve optimal physical and mental well-being. 

We specialize in helping you improve Pain, Posture, and Performance through Massage Therapy, such as, Myofascial Release, Corrective Bodywork, and Alternative Health options. Our Therapy Services help our clients achieve optimal health and a more balanced state of mind.

Our Mission

To provide holistic, evidence-based massage and alternative therapies that bring lasting relief, restored autonomy, and improved quality of life.

Our Goal

To empower and educate our clients on their journey towards better health and well-being, reconnect with their inner selves, and awaken their body’s natural healing powers!

Our Services

With our team of experienced professionals, we can promise you’ll receive the highest quality care possible.
Let us help you Discover Rejuvenation and get back to feeling your BEST every day!





All of our Wellness Services are
priced Hourly by Practitioner

View our qualifications to help decide which Practitioner is best for you!!

W. Scott Anderson

LMT, Expert MFR Practitioner

30-Minute Session – $70
60-Minute Session
– $120
90-Minute Session – $160

Michael Brooks

Licensed Massage Therapist

60-Minute Session – $90
90-Minute Session – $120

From Our Wonderful Clients

Justin Berube
August 27, 2022
Great service
Karen Brokaw
August 10, 2022
If I could I would shout Scott's name from the rooftops! He has helped my pain immensely and the changes have happened rapidly. Amazing person! I can not recommend him enough!
Cameron Dove
June 12, 2022
Michael helped remove 3 year old chronic shoulder pain in a single session.
Eric Maklan
June 7, 2022
Scott always does amazing work. He is my first call for professional bodywork.
Emily Brooks
May 28, 2020
As a native to Chattanooga and survivor of multiple chronic illnesses, I have seen countless practitioners over the course of 20 years. Within this time, NOONE has been as efficacious, courteous, professional, and truly caring about his patients. He is an EXPERT at his work, and it shows. I will continue to work with Scott throughout my wellness journey. He is a true master.
Christine Rogers
June 23, 2019
The very best. Scott resolves multiple issues with his therapy!
Rebecca Gephart
February 21, 2019
Amazing work!
Monty Lacewell
February 11, 2019
In every profession there are the average professionals who help clients with average problems but there are those few who excel their peers which can help those clients who have worse than average problems. This best describes my experience with Scott Anderson. He is a kind individual, polite and respectful as well, all of which add to the package. I highly recommend Scott if you are looking for someone who can help ease your pain which you may feel is not treatable. Based on my experience I believe he can help you. I know how much he has helped me.