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What is Corrective Bodywork & What are the Benefits?

We offer Corrective Bodywork in Chattanooga as a part of our Massage Therapy Services designed to help correct posture, reduce pain, and improve muscle tone. Our holistic healing practices combine various techniques such as massage, stretching, mobilizing, and corrective exercises to restore balance in the body. We use techniques such as Neuromuscular Massage, Orthopaedic Massage, Performance Enhancement, and Injury prevention to improve range of motion, increased energy levels, and reduced stress levels. We also guide our clients in self-care practices to sustain their results.

Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is a specialized form of bodywork that helps to release muscle tension, restore balance and reduce pain. This involves applying alternating levels of concentrated pressure to the trigger point – usually using the fingers, knuckles or elbow.

Orthopaedic Massage

Orthopaedic Massage focuses on treating soft tissue dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system to reduce pain, improve function and enhance performance. This type of massage may include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, stretching, and myofascial release.

Performance Enhancement

Performance enhancement can be achieved through corrective bodywork techniques that help improve the range of motion, reduce stress, and improve physical and mental well-being.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention can be achieved by maintaining proper body alignment through stretching and other self-care techniques. Each to alleviate muscle tension, restore normal range of motion and provide instruction on maintaining posture best to avoid further injury or pain.

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